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  • When can I expect my Jeannie Beanie?
    Please allow from 5-21 working days for your delivery to get to you. Jeannie packages them personally with care to be posted. Thank you for your patience - promise it will be worth the wait!
  • What is the Beannie Made out of?
    Jeannies Beanies are made from 100% Bamboo. They are perfect for those cold winter nights but also breathable in summer. These ultra soft beanies are made to wear for everybody, but in particular people who have suffered with hair loss or are undergoing treatment. Bamboo expels amazing benefits and healing properties and the product has been made using natural dyes, with a colour formula created with you in mind. Complimenting your skin tones and brightening your face. Whatever skin pigment this will enhance your skin tone beautifully.
  • Why is this suitable for those undergoing treatment?
    Jeannie has experinced first hand the difficulty of finding head wear suitable when she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Whilst she suffered with hair loss she found it difficult dfindiung a hat that would be comfortbale, flatterig and breathable for her sesnistive head, which often felt itchy and hot wearing scarves or woolen prodyucts. Jeannie spent her time devleoping a product that would be suitable for her needs, lightweight, breathable, in suitbale colours to compliment skintones and now wants to share her product with all to enjoy. Our tip for sensitive askin would be to wash the beanie gently in cold water and using a smnall amount of your own branded soap or detergent.
  • Why was this product made?
    in 2005 when jeannie was first diuamnosed there were only heavy wigs, hats, wholly hats and nothing suitbale in the ligthness and colour that didnt irritate me. Her bald head felt itchy, hot with regrowth and sometimes infections in the hair follicle. From the moent thsi product goes into manufacture thriough to sales we are heping communities abroad and donating £5 from every beanie hat sold to the Royal Marden Cancer Charity.
  • How Can I wash it?
    A gentle warm hand wash with a little detergent or soap, with full rinsing will suffice. Also please leave to naturally dry laying the beanie flat. Enjoy your Beanie and thanks for your purchase.
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